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Chain Runners - Reboot hoodie

Chain Runners - Reboot hoodie

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Enter the Runnerverse everyday in this Chain Runners hoodie. Inspired by one of the iconic CC0 projects that collaboratively built a cyberpunk universe that is owned and influenced by the community.

Pixels never die.

Every hoodie is made to order so we'll work with you to identify the right size after purchase.


Holders of the free hoodie Core3D digital collectible must checkout using the free hoodie product page.

Choosing your size

Since every hoodie is made on-demand. We will work with each customer after purchase to help them choose their size.


We will work with each customer to select their PFP and name for the personalized label.


100% GOTS certified cotton

Heavy weight NY Eco fleece

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold

Tumble dry low

Dry cleanable

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