About Core3D

Core3D was born in the fashion industry. We set out to make 3D design easier and more accessible to the people on the front lines: Designers, Merchandisers and Visual Merchandisers. We’ve had the great fortune of working with brands like Theory, Brooks Brothers and Original Penguin on their digital transformation.

To meet the needs to these brands we had to achieve a high level of visual accuracy in 3D design. Core3D does this by utilizing best practices from the gaming and fashion industries that produces high-quality designs in an accessible way.

2023 and beyond

Blitwear was an incredible onboarding experience for us into Web3. Not just to learn about the amazing brands and artists redefining how IP is created with communities. But also the technology that enables value creation around digital ownership. We’ve spent the past 6 months evolving Core3D to incorporate elements of this new technology so we can help brands and artists generate revenue by collaborating with their community to create and sell 3D designs.

We do this through 4 steps: Design → Collaborate → Sell → Reward.

The Core3D Capsule Series is our attempt to ‘show not tell’ how this can work today. We’re excited to support the next generation of brands and artists reshaping the world of fashion across the physical and digital worlds.