About the Capsule Series

The Core3D Capsule Series is a limited-edition collection of clothing that demonstrates our approach to digital first fashion.

Design -> Collaborate -> Sell -> Reward

Our goal was to take a 'show not tell' approach, demonstrating to brands and artists how they can use the Core3D platform to make merch so much more.

Design in 3D

We believe that a digital-first approach to design is the best way to make confident design decisions and unlock the creative potential of any brand or artist.

Core3D's web-based 3D design tool combines best practices from the video game and fashion industries. This allows anyone, anywhere to create high-quality apparel designs in minutes.

Collaborate with your community

The fashion industry has operated in a product-led mentality for decades to push trends and designs to consumers.

We believe the future of fashion will be driven by brands and artists co-creating designs with their communities.

3D design is a low-cost and highly iterative way of getting feedback early and often. Share designs across social media platforms or use our token-gated voting app for a more concentrated feedback loop with your community.

Check out Core3D's Voting App

Sell IRL, On-Demand

On-demand manufacturing is a way for up-and-coming artists and brands to produce their designs IRL with no high minimums or long wait times.

We've integrated with the leaders in on-demand manufacturing that produce the highest quality while dramatically reducing waste.

This approach also gives us the ability to customize garments at an individual level. All Capsule hoodies are equipped with a Custom label and a QR Code that links to a Digital Collectable.

Reward Customers

Digital Collectibles, powered by Web3 technology, represent a new era of how brands and artists can reward their loyal fans. Every design sold on the Core3D marketplace is linked to a Digital Collectible created on the Core3D Polygon contract.

Digital Collectibles serve as a key the owner can use to unlock additional content like token-gated opportunities, digital wearables, and more.

We’re excited to see how brands and artists use the Core3D Digital Collectible infrastructure to engage and reward their community through their designs.

Core3D on Opensea

Unlock your Digital Wearables

Every Digital Collectible that is linked to a hoodie unlocks additional designs through our Snapchat AR try-on lens.

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